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Who we are

Oceanos NTUA is a research team founded in 2016 consisting of undergraduate & PhD students of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine ENgineering. The team represents their university National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), in international green shipping competitions such as the Hydrocontest and MSEBC.

The team has participated three consecutive years in the Hydrocontest - an international student competition held by the Hydros Foundation. With the first participation entry being in 2019 and every year since then, Oceanos competed in one of the most notable events in naval energy efficiency, the Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge.

We strive to

Become integrated engineers and obtain experience, through participation in competitions.
Establish and improve the abilities and awareness of the NTUA faculty undergraduates.
The implementation of an academic course in line with a vision of a clean, less energy-intensive world
Become global ambassadors of the Greek naval industry and create a network of efficient and well-established collaborations.

Our Vision

According to UN Sustainable Development goals, we aim to contribute to the fullest to the following sections

Quality Education
Affordable and Green Energy
Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Climate Action
Life Below Water
Partnership Goals

General Goals

Discover innovative ideas for a brighter future.
Apply our education and experience on real-life problems.
Contribute to the development of green shipping.
Integrate the Greek tradition in the shipping industry and pass on the knowledge.
Interact with engineers from all over the world.
Cope with marine engineering and naval architecture matters.
Communicate with a young, skilled and ambitious team.

Organization Structure


Decides on the most efficient type and usage of the energy storage system, handles our motor, circuits and telemetry.


Designs and constructs our vessel’s propulsion system. The team is divided into two subgroups that cooperate in all stages but study separately the propeller and the rest of the axial system (pod).


Studies the endurance and construction of our vessel, which require running performance tests and manufacturing composite materials.


As well guessed, designs the exterior, along with the interior of our boat and studies to find the most efficient cockpit & hull.

Marketing (Fundraising-Public Relations)

Spreads the word about OCEANOS and finds the needed funds to build a competitive boat, while keeping the budget low.




In 2016 the PhD students of our faculty Thodoris Kourbelis and Demosthenes Spathis along with two undergraduates Socrates Tzanetos and Konstantina Fountouli founded the Oceanos NTUA student research team, with the goal of participating in the international student contest Hydrocontest.


Hydrocontest, Geneva

9th - Lightweight division
9th - Long distance

Back in 2016, our team participated in two categories : the lightweight category and the long distance race. In order to get there, we examined a hull from the Laboratory for Ship & Marine Hydrodynamics and modified it to suit the needs of the competition. We used electricity as a fuel, and therefore an appropriate electronic system developed to test and control the electric motor, the remote control system and the telemetry system. For the particular electric motor we were given, the manufacturer proposed a specific propeller from the trade which was used in our first year.

Competition Details

Hydrocontest, Saint-Tropez

4th - Lightweight division
13th - Heavyweight division

After the satisfactory performance of the team in its first participation despite the lack of both experience and time, we opted to continue this beautiful journey. In particular, we decided to take part in the lightweight and heavyweight categories and to construct two vessels from scratch, one for each category. Simultaneously, the hydrodynamic optimization of the vessel used in 2016 began, with the aim of optimizing the hull performance and understanding the operation of the slides.

Competition Details

Hydrocontest, Saint-Tropez

5th - Lightweight division
13th - Heavyweight division
9th - Long distance

In 2018, Oceanos team opted to optimize the existing boats rather than building new ones, aiming to attain maximum efficiency. The team chose to rectify all problems from last year and add fresh ideas to its designs, in order to get greatest boat’s performance.

Thus, we focused on the study of the hydrodynamic efficiency of the models and on the construction of propellers for each vessel as well. For this purpose, it was vital to carry out towing tank experiments.

Competition Details

MEBC, Monaco

7th - Overall energy class
2nd - Qualification energy class
7th - Best time in the qualifiers with all classes

For 2019 our team decided to participate in the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2019. Our top priority was to find and construct the best design for the cockpit, alongside with the use of renewable energy sources,such as solar cells. We then, developed an energy management system, supporting the aim of green shipping using solar panels. In addition, we developed optimised propellers and constructed our cockpit using carbon fiber.

Competition Details

MEBC, Canceled due to covid-19

Our team, in 2020, aimed to take part for the 2nd consecutive year in the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, in the Energy class. Our goal was to optimize the existing boat, rather than building a new one, aiming to attain maximum efficiency. The team chose to rectify all problems from last year and add fresh ideas to its designs, in order to get the best boat’s performance. While studies to improve the axial and electronic systems had begun, the contest was canceled due to COVID-19.

Competition Details

MEBC, Monaco

Our team, despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, achieved again to stand out in the Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge. This year, we managed not only to have, for the second year, one of the lightest boats in the competition, but also to design and build our own, new and efficient propulsion system. Unfortunately, during the testing races, there was a motor malfunction, which, in spite of our best efforts, did not have enough time to fix, due to the demand for the full replacement of the motor.

Competition Details

MEBC, Monaco

4th - Overall
3rd - Qualification
3rd - Slalom race
5th - Endurance race
5th - Championship race

For the third consecutive year, we participated in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, and our efforts truly paid off this time. For 2022, a new battery pack was used, a more efficient dual propeller pod system was implemented and all that allowed for a more powerful motor to be used on our drivetrain. The outcome?  Achieving some of our team’s best results.

Competition Details

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