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Hydrocontest 2016


Back in 2016, our team participated in two categories : the lightweight category and the long distance race. In order to get there, we examined a hull from the Laboratory for Ship & Marine Hydrodynamics and modified it to suit the needs of the competition. We used electricity as a fuel, and therefore an appropriate electronic system developed to test and control the electric motor, the remote control system and the telemetry system. For the particular electric motor we were given, the manufacturer proposed a specific propeller from the trade which was used in our first year.

The Team

Team Managers

  • Thodoris Kourbelis
  • Dimosthenis Spathis

Ship Design & Propulsion

  • Stella Spiraj
  • Afroditi Kanellopoulou
  • Eleni Aloniati


  • Dimitra Konstantinou
  • Konstantina Fountouli
  • Christos Barkitzoglou
  • Aggelis Themelakis
  • Sokratis Tzanetos



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