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Hydrocontest 2018


In 2018, Oceanos team opted to optimize the existing boats rather than building new ones, aiming to attain maximum efficiency. The team chose to rectify all problems from last year and add fresh ideas to its designs, in order to get greatest boat’s performance.

Thus, we focused on the study of the hydrodynamic efficiency of the models and on the construction of propellers for each vessel as well. For this purpose, it was vital to carry out towing tank experiments.

The Team

Head Coordinators

  • Sokratis Tzanetos
  • Konstantina Fountouli


  • Nikolaos Karagiannopoulos Vlachakis
  • Thodoris Kardaras
  • Pavlos Karagiannidis
  • Athanasios Pagonas
  • Orestis Sabethi


  • Tsioumas Panos
  • Anagnostakis Giorgos


  • Nikolaos Manikas
  • Dimitra Anevlavi
  • Georgia Maria Ganiou


  • Ahilleas Matthaiou
  • Menelaos Papadopoulos
  • Mihalis Stylianou
  • Anastasia Megalokonomou
  • Konstantinos Messologitis



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