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MEBC 2019


For 2019 our team decided to participate in the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2019. Our top priority was to find and construct the best design for the cockpit, alongside with the use of renewable energy sources,such as solar cells. We then, developed an energy management system, supporting the aim of green shipping using solar panels. In addition, we developed optimised propellers and constructed our cockpit using carbon fiber.

The Team

Team Managers

  • Achilleas Matthaiou
  • Nick Vlachakis


  • Nick Vlahakis
  • Stergios Bachoumas
  • Orestis Sabethai

Marketing & Fundraising

  • Konstantinos Mesolongitis
  • Sofia Pantazopoulou
  • Dora Tampakopoulou


  • Panos Tsioumas
  • Chronis Smyrnioudis
  • Menelaos Papadopoulos
  • Simos Mihaelos
  • Giorgos Probonas


  • Panagiotis Koutsogiannakis
  • Dimitra Anevlavi
  • Nikos Papanikolaou


Day 1
Day 1
Day 1


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